The software house QBSW a.s. is responsible for the many IT soluitions for the private and the public sector since 2000. Several years now the company has been developing mobile applications for different platforms. In addition, for several years the company has been developing mobile applications for variouos platforms. Už niekoľko rokov spoločnosť vývíja aj mobilné aplikácie pre rôzne platformy. In addition to Slovakia, QBSW has a seat also in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Hugo Bach takes care of their communication in Slovakia.
Working with the PR team of the agency Hugo Bach has been very beneficial for our company and I believe useful for both parties. Goal orientation and contacts of Ľuboš allowed us to expand our communication reach our company, which aided embettermend of awareness of our products and services.

Ing. Martin Hrnko, MBA, General Manager QBSW, a.s.
The City Monitor solution from the software company QBSW, a.s. has been enjoyed in Argentina too. Following a great success in the Slovak cities and municipalities, where the project is joined by still new and more municipalities, this exceptional application titled “Cuidemos La Cuidad“ was introduced in the Argentinian city Bahía Blanca. The City Monitor has been developer by two biggest Slovak cities already, they are Bratislava and Košice, but also Poprad for example. Watch the reportage of Marek Vnenčák on TV Markíza.
QBSW is responsible for the plenty unique solutions for applications serving the private sector, Watch the reportage of Dominika Lukáčová on the new motorist application.
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